ROME (AP) Hundreds of crop pickers held a one day strike and

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moncler outlet online And now it’s on us to go out best moncler jackets there and execute. So guys are focused and get locked in on everything we have to do. Shout out to the coaches for just keeping us in that mode since April until now.”. Several hundred of.(Franco Cautillo/ANSA via AP). African migrant workers stage a march to protest against their work conditions, following the death of 16 of their colleagues in two separate road accidents, near Foggia, Italy, Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018. Several hundred of.ROME (AP) Hundreds of crop pickers held a one day strike and protest march in southeastern Italy uk moncler outlet Wednesday to protest the exploitation of migrant farmworkers.Labor union activists organized the strike and march from the shanty town of San Severo to the city of Foggia after 16 farmworkers died in two recent road accidents in the Foggia area.Flanked by labor leaders, the protesters held signs reading “Never Slaves” and “We are workers, not meat for the butcher.” Many waved flags of the left wing USB labor union.Workers said there was running water or electricity in the shanty town. Activists said crop pickers are charged for cheap moncler jackets mens rides in overcrowded, rundown vans moncler outlet online to the fields and orchards where they spend long hours laboring in the sun.The farmworkers who were killed on Saturday and Monday were riding in moncler outlet vans that collided with trucks carrying tomatoes. Prosecutors are investigating to determine if the vans safe.Most of the crop pickers who work in Italy verdant Puglia region are foreigners, typically from Africa or eastern Europe. moncler outlet online

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